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$1000 off LASIK at Spectrum Lasik


Lizz Ryals
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Spectrum Lasik Gift Cards
Give the gift of vision! Available at any of our locations or call 855-654-2020.

Save $1000 on LASIK

For a limited time, you can save $1000 on the cost of LASIK. In addition, you can save hundreds more by also using your Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

At Spectrum Lasik, you get: 

  •           The best possible visual results.
  •           The latest technology.
  •           Experience you can trust.
  •           And LASIK fees you can afford. 

When you combine our advanced technology, 20 years' of experience and exceptional visual results - with our current special offer -  it's easy to see why so many in the Upstate choose Spectrum Lasik for their vision correction. 

Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Brown or book online here. 

So come see what you've been missing. Call 864-297-8777.

LASIK Covered by Your FSA

It's time to check your work Flexible Spending Account (FSA) balance and use it before your benefit year expires. 

FSA funds can pay for many medical expenses not covered by your health plan, including your LASIK, or LASIK for your spouse or dependent. But you've got to 'use em or lose em', as FSA funds cannot be carried over to the next year. Unfortunately, millions of unused FSA funds are returned to employers each year!

If you don't have a work FSA, then be sure to enrol in one this October. These popular funds save you tax dollars. You determine how much you want to contribute and then make your FSA contributions through regular payroll deductions. The amounts are taken off your payroll before withholding taxes are calculated, saving you federal income and Social Security taxes.

If you want to be rid of glasses and contacts, and really see what you've been missing, call Spectrum Lasik and ask about using your tax-free Flex Spending Account in combination with our current LASIK offer. Most people's benefit year ends December 31, so book your free consult today. 

Consider the Gift of Lasik for a Loved One

Treat someone you love to perfect vision, and a life free of the cost and hassle of glasses and contacts. Gift Cards are available at Spectrum Lasik and all other Clemson Eye clinic locations, or call (864) 297-8777.


Spectrum Lasik Has Most Advanced Laser

We just upgraded our Wavelight Refractive Suite to include the Eye-Q 500 Excimer laser. Combined with our FS200 femto laser, we again have the fastest laser platform available.

These two extremely accurate and fast lasers are integrated; communicating with each other on the fly to produce highly specific calculations. There are no other platforms capable of this. The computer-generated calculations reduce any possible transcription errors, and support the best possible visual outcomes.

The average treatment time under the laser is 10 seconds. Through this advanced technology, we are able to treat many patients who were not considered Lasik candidates in the past.  

Experience You Can Trust

Clemson Eye’s Spectrum Lasik has been a leading provider of Lasik for Upstate residents for more than 15 years, providing them with the best experience, technology and visual results possible.

Our American Board Certified Ophthalmologists have performed more than 50,000 cataract, Lasik and microsurgical procedures. Our highly skilled medical team, led by Dr. Joseph Parisi, is dedicated to providing you with the best clinical outcomes and exceptional customer service.

Spectrum Lasik is located in Greenville, but you can have your pre- and post-operative examinations at any of Clemson Eye’s convenient locations in Greenville, Anderson, Easley and Clemson. 

Book your free consultation today.  

Use those FSA funds and make it your time for LASIK

Great news for your eyes and your wallet. Lasik is covered by Flexible Savings Account (FSA) funding. 

Those tax-free dollars can pay for your Lasik, giving you hundreds of dollars in additional savings at Spectrum! If you have a FSA, make it your time for great vision and book your free consultation at Spectrum Lasik now, before time or your FSA funds run out. If you don't have a Flex Savings account at work yet, remember to set one up in October. 

If you’ve been waiting to ditch your glasses and contacts, now’s your chance, book your free consultation now.


Share the Vision and Save Cash

Play a part in helping someone you care about discover the kind of vision that you’re now enjoying!  

When you refer someone to Spectrum Lasik we greatly appreciate it!  After they are deemed a good 
candidate and have the procedure, you will receive a thank you check in the amount of: 
  • $50 for the first referral 
  • $75 for the second referral
  • $100 for every additional referral - NO LIMIT! 
To get started, email your referrals to, or call us at 864-297-8777.  Please 
include the referral's name email and phone number and your name, email and phone number. 

Thank you for your confidence in us! 


Greenville Road Warriors and Spectrum Lasik

Did you know Spectrum Lasik is the official eye care provider for the Greenville Road Warriors hockey team? As a special benefit,  season ticket holders present your ID card and receive preferred LASIK pricing!