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Insurance Inquiries
Our capable staff can help answer your insurance, payment and financing questions.

Alli Bailey, Guidance Counselor and Spectrum Lasik Patient.

Alli Bailey, Guidance Counselor and Spectrum Lasik Patient
"It is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, having Lasik surgery done.”

Health Insurance

Clemson Eye is a contracted provider for a large number of health plans including Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS, VSP, EyeMed, United, Aetna and many more (see list below). If we are contracted with your plan, then we will file your insurance to cover your eye exam or treatment and you will be responsible for the difference.  We gladly file primary and secondary insurance, but do not file tertiary (you may do so). The Medicare deductible for 2012 is $140.  Early in the year, many patients will have some financial responsibility to their provider until their deductibles are met.  Along with copays, deductibles, and co-insurance, the "out-of-pocket" costs are increasing.  Consider using a Health Savings Account to cover your costs. 

What is the cost of an eye exam?  
With a medical diagnosis, your health insurance will cover the exam excluding any copays,deductibles, etc.  We would be happy to verify your benefits when you book an appointment.  Vision plans cover routine eye examinations and offer coverage for glasses and contact lenses. We would be happy to verify your benefits when you book anappointment.  If you are uninsured andself-pay, we will offer you a 35% discount on the charge if paid at the time of service.  On average, a routine eye exam ranges from $60 and $200 depending on the services the doctor provides during the eye exam. This will depend on your age and medical history.  Routine eye exams are important to maintaining good eye health.  They are essential to detecting visionproblems.

Please bring your insurance card with you to each visit.
While we are happy to assist with your insurance questions, it is helpful for you to understand your particular coverage.  Call your insurance company or visit their website to understand your unique benefits and financial responsibility. If your insurance carrier requires a referral, then please provide that either before or at the time of your appointment with Clemson Eye.

Is Lasik or laser eye surgery covered by insurance?

Although laser eye surgery is an elective or non-covered service, as a contracted provider for most insurance companies, there may be some savings available.

Please contact Spectrum Lasik at 297-8777 for a verification of your benefits.

Insurance companies work for you!  
Ultimately, you are responsible to ensure your doctor is paid for their service to you.  Daily, we struggle for compensation from insurance companies and are extremely grateful for our patients who take a proactive stance with an unpaid claim.  Insurance companies are supported by you and promptly respond to your inquiries.

If you have recently turned 65 years of age, please contact Medicare and proceed with registration.  Also, if your spouse is recently deceased and you were covered under his/her health insurance, then please review your policy to determine when your coverage expires.  In order to correctly file a medical claim, we must have information on the Policy Holder of your health plan.  If someone else has you listed on their insurance policy, please be sure that the policy is current and that we have all the correct information for the person who carries this policy as this is the information the insurance company will need to process the claim.  

Likewise, if you are a minor, then we must have information on your guarantor or parent, under whose policy you are covered.  Medicaid patients over age 17 have limited coverage for eye exams unless they are covered by an HMO Vision plan. For our Humana Military patients we must have photo identification.

Our policy is to collect at the date of service.  All non-covered surgical services may be due prior to the procedure.  The hospital or surgical facility also requires lens implant payments in advance of the surgery.  

Clemson Eye accepts most major credit cards including VISA, MC, Discover, American Express, Debit cards, personal checks and cash.  Another payment alternative we offer for our patients is Care Credit.  Click here to apply.

If you would like to make a payment by phone please call us at 864-633-1056 or 864-633-1051.