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Clemson Eye Lasik patient, Gretchen Slosser

Spectrum Lasik Patient, Gretchen Slosser
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How Much Does Lasik Cost?

When considering a Lasik provider, it is important to understand there are different procedures and technologies. Spectrum Lasik, a Clemson Eye company, performs only the most advanced bladeless laser vision correction, using the best and fastest laser suite available in the market today.

Your vision is extremely important. That’s why you should select that highest quality provider for your Lasik and other eye care.

Along with offering our patients the most advanced Lasik procedure, we also believe in transparency around costs, so that you can plan and budget for your corrected vision.

More on the Cost of Lasik

Insurance Coverage. As it is an elective procedure, Lasik is rarely covered by vision or health insurance plans. However, if you have a plan that includes vision benefits, you may be eligible for an insurance-based discount on your Lasik.  Ask us or your insurance provider about this Lasik discount.

FSA and HSA. If you have a Flex Spending or Health Savings Account at work, you can use those funds to pay for your Lasik, or Lasik for your spouse or dependent.

If you don't have a work FSA, then be sure to enrol in one this October. These popular funds save you tax dollars. You determine how much you want to contribute and then make your FSA contributions through regular payroll deductions. The amounts are taken off your payroll before withholding taxes are calculated, saving you federal income and Social Security taxes.

      Financing. You can take advantage of 0% financing for 24 months and make payments as low as $3 a day for your Lasik.

      Lasik vs Eye Wear  

      Safety: Lasik is considered one of the safest elective medical procedures available. It has been performed on tens of millions of people over the past two decades.  Spectrum Lasik delivers exceptional visual results for our patients, with most seeing 20/20 or better after their Lasik.

      Affordability.  In the long run, Lasik is more affordable than corrective eyewear. In fact, a 30-year old can save approximately $35,000 in contact lens and spectacle expenses based on average costs over their lifetime.

      Environmental.  When compared to a lifetime of contact lenses, plastic bottles of solutions, paper packaging and the carbon footprint from trips to the store to replenish these disposables, Lasik is a ‘greener’ choice.

If you want to be rid of the hassle, cost and consumer waste of contact lenses and glasses, and enjoy sharp, clear vision, then Lasik is a great choice for you. And, as you can see, it can be an affordable choice, too.