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Calculate Your Lasik Savings

At just about any age, Lasik saves you money long term. See how much it could save you. 

* Estimated savings with LASIK represents the amount saved by having LASIK versus wearing contact lenses until age 74, based on your age and average monthly expense on contact lenses. Additional savings to consider include the cost of contact lens solution, prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses and annual eye exam/contact lens fittings.

Lasik costs approximately $2,000 per eye at Spectrum Lasik, a Clemson Eye Company, depending on your specific refractive error and procedure. Talk to us about health insurance related discounts, using FSAs or HSAs to cover your Lasik, or about 0% interest financing. Lasik – safe and affordable. Book your free consultation now.

Lasik Will Change Your Life

Actual prices may vary from our calculations based on your situation. Nonetheless, the savings from Lasik, whatever your age, are substantial. Along with cost savings, Lasik provides so many other lifestyle and safety advantages:

  • Professionals, such as firefighters, police officers, military personnel, teachers, engineers and construction workers have Lasik for safety reasons and improved job performance.
  • Many athletes have Lasik because glasses and contacts interfere with their performance and the enjoyment of their sport.
  • Parents have Lasik to lessen anxiety about caring for young children in the event of an emergency, when they don’t have time to search for their glasses.
  • Frequent travelers have Lasik so they can read road signs and have less to pack.
  • Many have Lasik so they no longer have to switch between prescription and sunglasses.
  • And the list goes on…