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WaveLight Refractive Suite

At Spectrum Lasik, we are dedicated to delivering superior care that exceeds your expectations for both client service and visual outcomes. Not all Lasik procedures are created equal. Some outcomes are better than others, depending on many factors, including which laser and technique were used.

The problem is, many Lasik systems work purely off your eyeglass or lens prescription and don’t account for the things that make your eyes special. And why would you want to receive the exact same Lasik procedure as everybody else?

That’s why we use OptiLASIK® Laser Vision Correction. It combines today’s most advanced surgical technologies into a procedure that works with your eyes’ special traits for a more natural shape.

OptiLASIK® Laser Vision Correction offers an advanced procedure that actually adapts to the unique curvature of your eyes, reshaping them more closely to an ideal, natural eye shape, unlike earlier Lasik procedures that reshaped without taking natural curve into consideration. OptiLASIK® Laser Vision Correction does this by utilizing the advanced diagnostic technology of the Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Laser, which creates a "map" that captures your eyes’ one-of-a-kind quirks. This map helps your surgeon better personalize the procedure for your best results.

But even some of the greatest inventions aren’t for everyone, which is why we designed the WaveLight® Analyzer Device to help your doctor determine if OptiLASIK® Laser Vision Correction is right for you.